Aquapac for Mini Phone/iPhone™/GPS


Neperšlampantis dėklas Jūsų telefonui, navigacijai arba raktams. Atsparus vandeniui iki 10m, netrukdo fotografuojant ir naudojantis aparato touchscreen funkcija.

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The Aquapac for Mini Phones/iPhone™/GPS Case (code 108) fits small phones/mobiles and GPS units as it are in use right now.

  • waterproof case for your iPhone5™ or smartphones of other brands of similar size
  •  You can make and take calls right through the case material. With most phones it makes no noticeable difference to the volume. And the GPS signal is unaffected.
  • fits for the iPhone5™ and all older iPhones. For screens up to 4,2“.
  • Even your touchscreen works.
  • in our new grey foil.
  • We’ve added a LENZFLEX window on the back, which means that if you have a camera-phone you’ll be able to take photos right through the case.**
  • The Aquapac for iPhone5™* (code 108) fits the average size phones and GPS units: what fits
  • Its guaranteed submersible to 33 feet (10 meters). The UV-stabilized TPU material won’t be broken down or discoloured by sunlight.
  • Most phones float in the Aquapac, but a few don’t such as the iPhone. Ultra-slim phones like the iPhone should float if you fold up a few pieces of tissue paper and slide them into the case behind the phone. Test yours in a basin before first use outdoors.
  • It keeps out dust and sand too.
  • salt water resistent.
  • Content not included in the delivery.


Aquapac for Mini Phone/iPhone™/GPS

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