AK Boost Footstraps with Pads L


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Airush AK Boost Binding

Simple, comfort and durability, the AK Boost from Airush

The AK Boost 2022 binding is a very accessible binding that goes on and off easily. Airush offers two different size options to fit the smallest and the largest foot and provide the perfect fit for everyone.

The binding can easily be adjusted larger or smaller by a user-friendly velcro closure system. The AK Boost 2022 has a footbed with a soft feel under the foot. The baseplate of the binding is pre-curved to create a better connection with the board. Directional grooves ensure that your heel is moved to the center of the pad as much as possible, preventing the feet from sliding out of position when jumping or through hard chop.


  • Airush AK Boost bindings
  • Velcro closure
  • Directional Grooving
  • Available in two colors
  • Single density with pre-curve
  • Directional grooves
  • Boost Large: Men’s US 7 – 13 (40-48 EU)

AK Boost Footstraps with Pads L

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