AIRUSH Switch Team v11

Tvirta ir lengva freeride/freestyle lenta. Komplekte pelekai, rankena, dydis 138×41.

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Intuitive & refined performance freeride shape.

Step down rail for maximum edge control.

Uni-directional center stringer for added response.



High performance lamination.

Full flex tip technology.

Refined 3D shape.


The Switch Team is playful for carving, benefitting from just the right amount of grip with the thin rails, tuned flex, and outline.

Transitioning through turns along the board’s rails is predictable and intuitive. While the uni-directional basalt I-beam structure offers improved stiffness between the feet and faster reflex for enhanced freestyle performance.

“This is a great board made even better. The limits that are imposed when developing the Switch sort of come off when you move to the switch team. If the Switch is a very constraint, very limited placement in design form. The Switch Team just pulls those constraints off. What can we do given less constraints? How can we make this board even better? It’s to accredit to the actual switch the Switch Team isn’t very far removed in terms of overall spec but what we’ve been able to do is make it look a little bit better and by adding a basalt unidirectional I-beam between the feet, managed to stiffen it up a little bit more and definitely given a lot more reflex so this board is, you can load up and pop just that much more.

Specifically I’ve reduced the amount of fiberglass in the laminations just to take a little bit of weight out of the board. We’ve then added a unidirectional basalt fiber I- Beam between the feet so that stiffens up the area between the feet and the basalt gives really good reflex so if you load up against this board you can really feel it snap back in place that much faster.It’s the Switch Premium. It’s the one that gives you just that little bit more.”


AIRUSH Switch Team v11

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