Tvirtas ir stabilus sparnas prie didesnių greičių ir freestyle triukų. Efektyvesnė sparno geometrija, nauja rankenų forma ir daug smulkių patobulinimų leis mėgautis kiekviena plaukimo akimirka.

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• Stable high-speed wing
• Extra stiff structure with AM-1 Laminate for control and stab ility
• Control handles for micro trim and more advanced freestyle ma neuvers

We took our new FreeWing Air and boosted the materials and components to deliver the ultimate in
responsive performance, stability, speed and feel.

Replacing the traditional canopy material is an ultralight low stretch AM-1 Laminated canopy for optimum
stability, strength and control. This stability is further enhanced with lightweight, full length, battens in the
wingtips. These can be removed for a softer more traditional feel when down winding or wave riding.

F R E E W I N G P R O AM-1 Laminate
The AM-1 canopy introduces a unique ultralight laminate to
the canopy area of the wing. This is the lightest laminate we
have ever developed through our years of extensive R&D in
developing the lightest sails and kites on the market. This
unique material creates an incredibly low stretch and durable
performance aspect to the FreeWing.

The 40cm control handles are perfect for simply on the fly trim and more advanced freestyle maneuvers,
while still enabling the wing to be folded when travelling or packed into tight spaces, by simply removing the

Nozzle Adapter
Allows you to turn the Tiki Pump
and V8 Pump into a FreeWing

Big Diameter
Center Strut Connection
Creates a rock-solid connection between
the center strut and the leading edge,
keeping the wing from bending sideways.
Making it easier to pump , accelerate, and
control your high end power and speed.

Refined Wingtips
The wingtips that already were industry
leading have been refined for every size.
Now they are even easier to get out of
the water when starting and during fun
manouvers, since they don‘t catch on
the water surface. Sizes 6 and smaller
also work well on non foiling boards.

Optimized Windows
The main windows are further
forward so you can see where you fly and
low down to catch the action.

The smaller size of the new windows helps
keep the FreeWing at a light weight.

The FreeWing Pro is shipped
with the option to be packed
flat or folded in half when

Size Specific Leashes
Each leash is matching the struts
length when stretched so you will
not get tangled if you fall down,
yet always shrink back to have a
leash that is as short as possible.

Short Center Strut and Squared Leading Edge
The shorter center strut and more squared leading edge
create a direct and balanced forward pull, as the center
of power is moved forward. The shorter center strut
makes manouvers easier as the tip is further away from
the water.

Control Handles
For micro trim and more advanced
freestyle maneuvers. The control
handles also make the center strut
more solid, creating a direct feel.
Awesome for both light wind pumping
and overpowered handling.

Mini Aft Windows
The mini aft windows above the
center strut give you a glimpse of
what’s behind you in a jibe.
(On size 6, 7 and 8)

Tip Battens
Lightweight, full length, battens
in the wingtips enhance stability
and can be easily removed for
down winding, wave riding or


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