Vienas lengviausiai valdomų ir draugiškiausių sparnų rinkoje. Efektyvesnė sparno geometrija ir daug smulkių patobulinimų leis mėgautis kiekviena plaukimo akimirka.

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This is an all-around wing that’s easy to use.

It’s especially controllable when overpowered and efficient when pumping in light wind due to the generous strut diameter which solidifies the frame’s stiffness. The wing is surprisingly stable when luffed in the neutral position, making it ideal for downwinders and carving.

Optimal for wingfoil beginners to down-the-line wave riders.

The best all-around performance wing
• Extra stiff structure for control and stability
• Optimized handles for all styles of riding
The Air V2 introduces a new level of refinement to the FreeWing range.
Higher performance through more stability, more speed, more
pumpability and more acceleration.

H I G H L I G H T S A T A G L A N C E :
▸ Big diameter center strut connection
▸ Short center strut and more squared leading edge
▸ Refined inwards pointing wingtips
▸ Optimized small windows
▸ Size specific leashes
▸ Larger bag to fit pump

Optimized Windows

The main windows are further
forward so, you can see where you
fly and low down to catch the action.
The smaller size of the new windows
helps keep the FreeWing at a light

Short Center Strut and
More Squared Leading Edge

The shorter center strut and more
squared leading edge create a direct
and balanced forward pull, as the
center of power is moved forward. The
shorter center strut makes manouvers
easier as the tip is further away from
the water.

Mini Aft Windows

The mini aft windows above the
center strut give you a glimpse of
what’s behind you in a jibe.
(On size 6, 7 and 8)

Ultimate Handle Position

The two back handles are the
ultimate position and the added
forward handles are for entry level
and transitions.

Refined Wingtips

The wingtips that already were industry
leading have been refined for every size.
Now they are even easier to get out of
the water when starting and during fun
manouvers, since they don‘t catch on
the water surface. Sizes 6 and smaller
also work well on non foiling boards.

Size Specific Leashes

Each leash is matching the struts
length when stretched so you will
not get tangled if you fall down,
yet always shrink back to have a
leash that is as short as possible.


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